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Surrogate motherhood in Russia

Surrogate motherhood in Russia

Infertility or more specifically, the inability to carry pregnancy has many causes.This and birth defects of the reproductive organs (such as uterine hypoplasia), and violations of the organs and systems of the body, in which gestation is contraindicated.Multiple failed attempts of IVF – it is also a kind of infertility.

In certain pathological conditions of the reproductive organs only surrogacy program can help infertile couples to have a child.Despite the relatively recent time of occurrence of this type of ART in our country, a great number of families have already used this program and have got their desired children.

The "IVF Center" clinic in Russia provides assistance in the treatment of infertility using surrogacy programs to patients from foreign countries.

Surrogate motherhood - essence of the method

The essence of the program is that the surrogate mother carries a child genetically foreign to her.The biological mother gives her eggs; using IVF they are fertilized with the biological father's sperm and transferred to the uterus of a surrogate mother, who is carrying the pregnancy.

Fresh embryos (not subjected to cryotreatment) are used in the surrogacy program, as this increases the chances of implantation and further successful carrying of a pregnancy.

If two embryos have "rooted" after IVF and implantation, then a surrogate mother carries a multiple pregnancy.

Russian clinic "IVF Center" has an extensive verified bank of genetic material.If it is impossible to use the mother's egg (or father's sperm) specialists of our clinic will provide you with a suitable donor material for use in the surrogacy program.

Surrogacy program in the clinic "IVF Center"

Who exactly to choose as a surrogate mother for her child? - That's the first question that all the women ask themselves after deciding to use the surrogacy program.Some of them select a sister or another relative as a surrogate mother, other follow a commercial way.

The "IVF Center" clinic has an extensive database of surrogate mothers.All of our potential surrogate mothers fully comply with medical and legal requirements.The "IVF Center" clinic will help you to choose a surrogate mother quickly and efficiently.Our specialists can provide the surrogacy program on "turnkey" basis including both medical procedures (selection of surrogate mother, a full cycle of IVF, maintenance of pregnancy of surrogate mother) and legal aspect of the matter (conclusion of an agreement between the parties, preparation of documents, etc.).It should also be noted that in the clinic "IVF Center" there is no waiting list for a surrogate mother.

Surrogate motherhood - how much does it cost?

The cost of the program is agreed in each case individually - with the surrogate mother and the biological parents of the child.The cost depends on a variety of medical and other factors; it depends on the age of a biological mother, on the number of transplanted embryos, on the compensation for a surrogate mother, and on the choice of the financial program type.

The "IVF Center" clinic provides a unique for Russia pricing programs.

We offer you a special program "Surrogacy on a turnkey basis".The cost of the program is 35,000 euro.You can find more details about the program in the section"Special offer ", and by calling the clinic "IVF Center".

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