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In vitro fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

The technology of in vitro fertilization has been already used around the world for several decades.If a married couple is diagnosed with "infertility", IVF will help to solve this problem.There are increasingly more chances of getting pregnant with in vitro fertilization, because this method, as well as other methods of ART, is being constantly improved.Nowadays pregnancy after IVF occurs on average in forty percent of the cases.

There is a certain list of indications for the procedure of artificial (in vitro) fertilization.

They include a number of factors of male and female infertility, as well as idiopathic infertility, and lack of results of conservative and surgical treatment.In some cases, a patient can be indicated to undergo in vitro fertilization with donor egg.Only an attending physician can decide whether this method is appropriate on the basis of the anamnesis and examination results of the patient.

Stages of in vitro fertilization procedure

Preparation for in vitro fertilization begins with the stimulation of superovulation.What is it needed for? The matter is that only one egg capable of fertilization usually matures in a natural cycle of a woman.When a woman undergoes induction of superovulation with hormonal medications, there are formed much more mature oocytes.Consequently, the possibility that in vitro fertilization will be successful increases.

After the preparation of a patient there is performed a puncture, during which woman's egg cells are taken. Then the oocytes are fertilized with the husband’s sperm in vitro. The embryos obtained as a result of artificial in vitro fertilization (also with donor egg) are transferred into the patient's uterine cavity on the third or fourth day.

What is the probability of pregnancy after IVF?

Whether a woman will get pregnant with the help of this procedure or not depends on a number of factors.They include patient's age, quality of sex gametes used in the cycle.In addition, there also matters the scientific and technical base of medical institutions, where the IVF reproduction is performed, as well as the professionalism of doctors performing the procedure.

When using the donor program (IVF with donor egg) the chances are generally greater, as in this case artificial (in vitro) fertilization is carried out using genetic material of healthy young individuals.

In addition, the probability of pregnancy after IVF increases, if there is carried out preimplantational genetic diagnostics before the embryo transfer.Through this study doctors can detect chromosomal abnormalities prior to implantation, and transfer only the healthiest embryos into the uterus.

How much does in vitro fertilization cost?

The cost of IVF consists of a number of moments.Thus, the cost of in vitro fertilization procedure includes IVF itself, visits and consultations of specialists, as well as the cost of medicines.

Of course, the price of in vitro fertilization procedure increases, if during its performance there is used a donor program (IVF with donor egg).

The cost of in vitro fertilization will be higher if the procedure is performed using ICSI method.In addition, the price of in vitro fertilization increases if there is performed preimplantational genetic diagnostics, hatching and subsequent embryo cryopreservation.

It is possible to find out how much will the treatment program "In vitro fertilization" cost eventually only after a full examination, as a result of which a doctor can recommend the optimal infertility treatment protocol.

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