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Donation of genetic material

Donation of genetic material

The "IVF Center" offers patients from foreign countries services of infertility treatment with the use of donor genetic material: sperm and egg cells.The "IVF Center" clinic in Russia has an extensivebank of donor sperm and eggs. All samples of genetic material meet the requirements for donor sperm and oocytes.You can select a donor suitable for you.

Egg donation

Egg donation is indicated in the following cases:

  • ovarian reserve of ovaries has been exhausted (at menopause), ovariectomy, chemotherapy, abnormal development of ovaries;
  • impossibility to use oocytes due to the presence of genetic diseases;
  • numerous unsuccessful IVF attempts;

Contraindications for IVF with egg donation are almost the same as for normal IVF procedure.

Requirements for donor oocytes

According to the order # 107n of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, oocytes can be donated either by relatives (friends) of the recipient, or by anonymous donor.Before becoming an egg donor, a woman gives a written informed consent for the performance of superovulation stimulation and ovarian puncture.Each egg donor must meet certain requirements:

  • age in the range of twenty to thirty-five years;
  • presence of own healthy child;
  • good state of health;
  • absence of pronounced phenotypic characteristics.

Sperm donation.Bank of sperm donors

The question of using donor genetic material is solved on the basis of a full medical examination of a couple.In some cases of infertility treatment it is necessary to apply to the bank of sperm storage.The "IVF Center" clinic in Moscow, which is carrying out infertility treatment with the use of ART methods, has its own sperm bank.

Before the donor sperm gets into the bank of sperm reception, a potential donor undergoes a thorough medical examination.It includes a series of tests and examination performed by medical specialists.No bank of donor sperm in Moscow (and in any region of Russia) uses genetic material that does not meet the requirements.According to the rules, a bank of sperm donation starts to use the genetic material after six months from the date of reception in order to avoid the probability of latent infections.

There are same requirements for all banks of donor sperm.All relations between a donor sperm bank and a donor are processed in accordance with the legal regulations.Donor gives written informed consent for the fact that the genetic material that was received by a sperm bank in Moscow (or a sperm bank in Russia), as well as obtained with its help embryos will be owned by a recipient.

Indications for use of donor sperm

Appeal to a sperm banks and application of donor sperm is indicated in such cases when:

  • a husband was diagnosed with "infertility";
  • a woman has no sexual partner;
  • ejaculatory-sexual pathology was detected in a husband;
  • there is a risk of genetic diseases.

After an appeal to a sperm bank, insemination (artificial insemination with donor sperm) can be carried out both in natural menstrual cycle, and with the use of superovulation stimulation.AI is performed by injection of donor sperm into the cervix, or directly into the uterine cavity.

Sperm Bank. Cost

Price of genetic material and the cost of its application are established according to the clinic's price-list.The sperm bank location and sperm banks addresses in Moscow can be specified on the relevant help resources.

The "IVF Center" clinic has a bank of genetic material (bank of donor sperm and eggs), where you can choose a donor of sperm or egg cell that is right particularly for you."IVF Center" has a responsible approach to the selection of potential donors.Each of them undergoes a thorough medical examination.We are responsible for the quality of the genetic material and compliance with all the conditions of storage.

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