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Unlimited IVF

Unlimited IVF

The clinic "IVF Center" offers a program of infertility treatment "Unlimited IVF". Underthisprogramyoucanmake anunlimitednumber of IVF attempts untilpregnancy occurs.

Cost:from 5900 euro

Only in our clinic there are no restrictions to health condition and age!

Terms of the program

The program is considered completed and the obligations of the "IVF Center" clinic fulfilled in the case of pregnancy occurrence, which is confirmed by the analysis for b-hCG on the 14th day of embryo transfer, and by the determination of gestational sac on the 21st day of embryo transfer.

Only in our clinic patients are offered an unlimited number of IVF attempts for a flat fee.

What services are included into the program "Unlimited IVF"

  • Ultrasonic monitoring and consultations of a doctor in the course of superovulation induction;
  • All drugs from the start of superovulation induction and until the analysis for HCG (by prescription);
  • Ovarian puncture;
  • Anesthetic maintenance;
  • Embryology laboratory services, including:

    • collection and processing of eggs;
    • sperm processing;
    • fertilization of eggs
    • ICSI when indicated;
    • cultivation of embryos;
    • prolonged cultivation up to the blastocyst stage (if indicated);
    • assisted hatching when indicated;
    • cryoconservation of remaining embryos and storage of cryopreserved embryos prior to pregnancy occurrence or termination of the program.
  • Embryo transfer;
  • Diagnostics of pregnancy by determining the level of human chorionic gonadotropin in serum on the 14th days after embryo transfer;
  • If pregnancy does not occur during the first IVF cycle this program includes the cost of the subsequent defrosting, cultivation and transfer of the unfrozen embryos.

What expenses are NOT included into the program "Unlimited IVF"

  • Cost of the preliminary examination before the performance of IVF cycle;
  • Cost of additional examination in the event of unsuccessful IVF attempt (by prescription);
  • Cost of blastomere biopsy and preimplantational genetic diagnostics;
  • Cost of procedures and surgical interventions not related to IVF cycle;
  • Cost of donor sperm and donor eggs;
  • Cost of the treatment of complications associated with the procedure of IVF, including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, etc.;
  • Cost of cryopreserved embryos storage after pregnancy occurrence or termination of the program (whichever comes first).

Criteria for participation in the program:

Unlike other clinics that offer programs of unlimited IVF, the "IVF Center" clinic does not make any restrictions to the patients’age and health.The difference in the cost of treatment programs is due only to a woman's age.


  • Patient's age at the time of joining the program: up to 35 years

    Cost of the program: 5900 euro.

  • Patient's age at the time of joining the program: up to 40 years

    Cost of the program: 6700 euro.

  • Patient's age at the time of joining the program: 40+ years

    Cost of the program: 7500 euro.

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