Медицинский центр по лечению бесплодия в  Москве.
Moscow, ul. Argunovskaya, 3, k.1 Business Centre 3rd floor
+7 (495) 120-36-81
+7 (495) 215-55-44

About our center

The "IVF Center" clinic is one of the leading infertility treatment clinics in Russia. Our medical center specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of infertility of any nature.Main objective of the clinic "IVF Center" is restoration of the patient's reproductive health.Assisted reproductive technologies represent one of the main areas in which our clinic is specialized - IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, oocyte and sperm donorship.You can learn more about the ART programs of the clinic "IVF Center" in the section «Our Services».

Our medical center has all necessary equipment for the performance of IVF and ICSI.

The clinic's employees are qualified doctors - specialists in the field of infertility treatment.The "IVF Center" clinic is equipped with all the necessary diagnostic and operational equipment, which fully meet modern requirements for application in the field of assisted reproductive technologies.

The "IVF Center" clinic in Moscow is helping in the treatment of infertility in patients from countries near and far abroad. Patients arriving for the treatment from abroad are assisted with the preparation of documents necessary for staying in Russia.You can learn more about this service in the section "Guest and visa support."

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